Transparent LED displays for creating unparalleled
graphic imagery.

Content easily updated. Energy saving with high brightness. Cloud based management if required.


NEXNOVO was founded in 2011 and launched, the new brand NEXNOVO means NEXT INNOVATION. The team always focuses on innovation, which is the core value and spirit of NEXNOVO.

NEXNOVO is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s leading transparent LED displays. The company holds over 20 patents on its transparent LED display technology. NEXNOVO strives to continue on extending its speciality and innovation in the R&D, production and service of transparent LED displays.

The current product models include the XT, XW, and XR series, which are designed for a wide range of applications such as retail windows, restaurant, shopping mall, airport, museum, financial institutions, trade show, events, festivals, media architecture and many other areas. With pixel pitch ranges from 2.5mm to 30mm and brightness from 1000nit to 7500nit, The products are by far the clearest and brightest transparent LED display in the world.

Through NEXNOVO's continuous effort on product innovation and design, the newest XT2L & XT3S & XT3Mseries are made simpler, friendlier, lighter, more durable, energy efficient and aesthetically appealing.

NEXNOVO TECHNOLOGY and its product will bring real competitive advantages to your business.

BOB Media is the New Zealand exclusive distributor and has partnered with NEXNOVO to provide the leading brand of transparent LED displays into the New Zealand market place.